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NYC Department of Education states that all students entering kindergarten through third grade are encouraged to participate in the Gifted and Talented admissions process. This category includes children who have special needs. Students with special needs who qualify for a G&T program will receive the services and supports that they need. A student's disability will not prevent their access to G&T programming, and being in a G&T program will not prevent their access to special education services. Read More...

Brilliant Kids NYC Test Prep and Logical Thinking Development Program is open for kids with special needs.

If you suspect that your child needs a special support, please share it with us confidentially. "Special needs" is a broad term, and every situation is unique. Sometimes family experience lack of information and guidance needed for their particular concerns. We can consult you or coordinate you with the agencies that deal with the Early Intervention, the Preschool Special Education Services, child psychologist, or clinical social worker.

If your child already has a therapist or SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher), they are welcome to support child individually during our classes.

Children with special needs may have challenges which are more severe than the typical child. These kids will need extra support and additional services. They will have distinct goals and need added guidance and help meeting academic goals and social-emotional developmental milestones.