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April 16, 2019.
The G&T test scores are out!

Dear parents! Please share your child's score with us. We also have been excitingly waiting!
Looking forward to hear from you!

It's almost time to get G&T Test Score Report!

The spring is the time when you get your child's Gifted and Talented test score report. If your child got a G&T test score of 90 or above, you will also get a G&T application.

District and citywide G&T programs have different qualifying scores:

If the score is 90+ and you apply to G&T programs, you will get your results in the late spring. There is no guarantee that a student will get an offer to a G&T program, regardless of their G&T test score. The number of eligible students typically exceeds the number of seats available. In this perspective we encourage you to apply for the higher number of the G&T programs to be sure you child will got a placement.

Hello and Welcome to the Brilliant Kids NYC!

We start classes very soon and invite you to visit this page throughout the year for getting an ongoing information and printable practice worksheets.

Meanwhile there is some information about a registration for taking the Gifted and Talented test. The registration will start in October as soon as NYC DOE announce that registration is open. I believe that the way to be advised immediately is to subscribe to the DOE Gifted & Talented email list to learn exactly when and how to sign your child up to the test:

Enroll By Grade

These year, 2018, kids who were born in 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011 are eligible for registering for the G&T testing.