To Logic Through Imagination

Yelena Korshunov-Ruvinstein, PhD Ed, founder of Brilliant Kids NYC, NYS professional certified general and special education teacher.

Hi everybody and welcome to the Brilliant Kids NYC! I was lucky to earn my degrees, years of teaching, learning, and managing education institutes on the three continents: Europe, Asia, and North America. This experience allowed me to extract and connect the best teaching traditions that have been developed in diverse countries for centuries. I've been preparing children for the Gifted and Talented test, SSAT, and standardized tests, rasing their reading level and cognitive abilities. The result of this work is a unique curriculum that activates children's hidden cognitive resources.

You will wonder how fast your kids will aquire math and logic concepts, start reading proficiently, and get scientific thinking. My younger students are just 2- year-olds, but each of them is a big world enriched by natural giftedness. Throughout years I assess a lot of children by the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale and don't stop to wonder how great potential has each and every one of them. Impressive achievements of our students and their cognitive growth make me happy and proud.

Galina Shutkina, MA in Teaching Languages, PhD, is a certified teacher with more than 30 years of professional experience. Dr. Shutkina taught English Language and History to university students in her home country. She has prepared a lot of young people of different cultures and backgrounds to be successful educators. A decade ago Dr. Shutkina arrived to the United States that became her homeland. She got a teacher certification of English as a Second Language and started teaching at the preschool dedicating her deep knowledge and enthusiasm to young children development. Now she shares her professional experience, love and devotion to children at the Brilliant Kids NYC. Dr. Shutkina says that "nothing is more benefiting than happy eyes of small kids".

Jack Wernick, MS.Ed, works with children for years as a middle school ELA teacher at Horace Mann School and as a tutor for all the ages, including preschool kids. Mr. Wernick manages his own tutoring business specializing in test prep and homework help, Gifted and Talented Test Prep and Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale. He studied Theatre Intencive in Regents College, London, UK, and completed graduate level coursework in English and Education in New York. Mr. Wernick is a published writer and editor.

Nicole Lewin, MA, is a music- and expressive arts therapist, singer and voice-trainer from Berlin, Germany. Mrs. Lewin accomplished her Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy in Switzerland at the European Graduate School. For over a decade she whole-heartedly has been pursuing her career as a teacher and therapist mainly for children in elementary schools, cultural centers, and individually. These programs addressed the needs and interest of the students within the given frame of cultural diversity. Mrs. Lewin teaches at the Harrison Music school, works for MidAmerica Productions, and is proud being a Gifted and Talented Test Prep teacher for the Brilliant Kids NYC. As a mom herself and through her solid gained experience in the classroom, she understands how important it is to connect to emotions and individual paces of children. Through play she tries to create a safe space that each child's voice gets heard and can explore confidently in a group context. She is always impressed by each child and how they live in the moment.

Ms. Kenyanta Legree has been teaching young kids for more than a decade, striving for their excellence in all the areas of learning. She prepares kids for the Gifted and Talented Test, teaching Early Mathematics, and pays special attention to the vocabulary and speech development. Ms. Legree believes that early childhood education is a comprehencive synthesis of academic growth, social skills, and children's well-being. She teaches her young students through fun and play, enjoying their smiles and laugh. Ms. Legree is certified in a Child Development Associates. She applies all the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to make her young students happy and successful learners.